Quantitative Landscape Ecology

2010-2012 (Spokesperson und Head) ZALF-project AgroScapeLabs - biodiversity exploratories for agricultural landscapes

2000-2004 (Coordinator): MOSAIK (BMBF Grant-Nr. 01LN0007)


Binzenhöfer B, Biedermann R, Settele J, Schröder B (2008): Connectivity compensates for low habitat quality and small patch size in the butterfly Cupido minimus. Ecological Research 23 (2): 259-269.

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Biogeography & Macroecology

Zurell D, Elith J, Schröder B (accepted): Why range predictions differ: on the importance of understanding niche and data dimensions. Diversity and Distributions

Zurell D, Grimm V, Rossmanith E, Zbinden N, Zimmermann NE, Schröder B (in press): Uncertainty in predictions of range dynamics: Black grouse climbing the Swiss Alps. Ecography doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2011.07200.x

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Landscape management & Ecosystem services

2011-2015 (PI) BMBF-Collaborative project COMTESS - Sustainable Coastal Land Management: Trade-offs in Ecosystem Services, Teilprojekte a) Modelling of biodiversity and plant-mediated ecosystem services in response to land use management and environmental change und b) Trade-offs in multiple ecosystem services

2000-2004 (Coordinator): MOSAIK (BMBF Grant-Nr. 01LN0007)


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Schröder B, Rudner M, Biedermann R, Kögl H, Kleyer M (2008): A landscape model for quantifying the trade-off between conservation needs and economic constraints in the management of a semi-natural grassland community. Biological Conservation 141(3): 719-732.

Ecological Modelling

2007-2011 (Coordinator and PI) UPGradE Potsdam Graduate School on Ecological Modelling - Modelling organismic response in a changing world


Zurell D, Berger U, Cabral JS, Jeltsch F, Meynard CN, Münkemüller T, Nehrbass N, Pagel J, Reineking B, Schröder B, Grimm V (2010): The virtual ecologist approach: simulating data and observers. Oikos 119(4): 622-635.

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Söndgerath D, Schröder B (2002): Population dynamics and habitat connectivity affecting spatial spread of populations - a simulation study. Landscape Ecology 17(1): 5770.

Conservation Biology

2000-2004 (Coordinator): MOSAIK (BMBF Grant-Nr. 01LN0007)


Tanneberger F, Flade M, Preiksa Z, Schröder B (2010): Habitat selection of the globally threatened Aquatic Warbler at the western margin of the breeding range: Implications for management. Ibis 152(2): 347-358

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Geoecology, Ecohydrology & Ecogeomorphology

2011-2014 (PI) DFG-Research Unit From catchments as organised systems to models based on dynamic functional units - CAOS FOR 1598/1 Subproject J Formation of biogenic soil structures controlling the spatial heterogeneity of water storage and fluxes at the plot and hillslope scale

2007-2011 (PI) DFG-Project BIOPORE - Linking spatial patterns of anecic earthworm populations, preferential flow pathways and agrochemical transport in rural catchments: an ecohydrological model approach

2010-2013 (PI) DFG-Research Unit FOR 816 Biodiversity and sustainable management of a megadiverse mountain ecosystem in South Ecuador, Teilprojekt Integrating the dynamics of forests and landslides

2007-2010 (PI) DFG-Research Unit FOR 816 Functionality in tropical mountain rainforests; Teilprojekt: Spatial-temporal dynamics of landslides and their biotic & abiotic controls


Vorpahl P, Elsenbeer H, Märker M, Schröder B (accepted): How can statistical models help to determine driving factors of landslides? Ecological Modelling

Märker M, Pelacani S, Schröder B (2011): A functional entities approach to predict soil erosion processes in a small Plio-Pleistocene Mediterranean catchment in Northern Chianti, Italy. Geomorphology 125(4): 530-540

Schröder B (2006): Pattern, process and function in landscape ecology and catchment hydrology - how can quantitative landscape ecology support? Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 10: 967-9



Movement Ecology

2011-2012 (PI) UP Biodiversity and functional Ecology in agricultural landscapes

2010-2012 (Spokesperson and Head) ZALF-project AgroScapeLabs - biodiversity exploratories for agricultural landscapes

2010-2012 (Spokesperson and PI) ZALF Automated GPS-based bio-telemetry as a start for AgroScapeLabs